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20 Ways to Simplify Your Morning Routine

Mornings can be a hectic time for many of us, regardless of whether we consider ourselves morning people or not (I most definitely am not!). From getting dressed to having breakfast and packing for the day ahead, it’s easy to feel rushed and disorganised. With broken nights the norm in our household (thanks to a toddler who has never slept well!), getting up earlier just isn’t an option, so in this post I’ve compiled my top 20 time-saving strategies for your morning routine.


1. Have a routine

Do the same things in the same order every morning so you can function on auto-pilot – reduce that mental load!

2. Agree a schedule with those in your household

Agree who will walk the dog, who will get the kids ready, who will shower first and so on so you don’t have to figure it out each morning

3. Make a list

Write down (in your phone or on paper) the things you need to remember to take with you if you leave the house, and things you need to do if you work from home

4. Get ready before your kids are up

You’ll be able to move much quicker and stay focussed if you don’t have little ones to be worrying about – even if that’s just 10 minutes to quickly freshen up and get dressed

5. Don’t look at your phone

Avoid scrolling first thing and focus on the task in hand!

6. Shower the night before

Remove showering from your morning routine by doing it the night before (you can even put deodorant on before bed too!)

7. Wash your hair the night before

If skipping the morning shower isn’t for you, then try doing your hair the night before so you only need a quick body shower in the morning

8. Wash your hair less often

If you can get away with it, don’t wash your hair every day – you can always use dry shampoo on in-between days

9. Brush your teeth before breakfast

Saves you going back upstairs after breakfast

10. Or brush your teeth downstairs

If you prefer to brush your teeth after eating, have a toothbrush and toothpaste downstairs so it is where you need it (same for the kids!)

11. Simplify your wardrobe

Avoid buttons and zips, and opt for jeggings, stretchy skirts and pull on dresses instead

12. Ditch the laces

Swap lace-up shoes for slip-ons

13. Prep your outfit the night before

Lay it out ready to grab in the morning (and do the same for your kids)

14. Opt for quick hairstyles

Ditch the straighteners, go au naturel or grab a hair tie instead

15. Simplify your make-up routine

If you’re working from home, do you need a full face of make-up? Could you skip the make-up altogether or just go for a bit of blusher and mascara?

16. Get breakfast ready the night before

Fill the kettle, put tea bags in mugs and lay the table so that breakfast is ready to go once you’re up

17. Batch prep your breakfast

Make extra portions of overnight oats, breakfast muffins and smoothies so that you can grab an easy and nutritious breakfast without the faff.

18. Create a place for your essential items

Have a box or a shelf in a convenient location for your keys and wallet – easy to grab if you’re leaving the house

19. Create a go-to spot for seasonal items

Dedicate a box or drawer to items such as sun hats, sunglasses, suncream, warm hat, gloves and umbrellas so that you can easily grab what you need

20. Pack your lunch(es) the night before

Leftover dinner? Box it up ready for lunch. Or quickly put together a packed lunch before bed so it’s ready to go in the morning. Better yet – prepare a few lunches at a time so you’re set for the next few days. Whether you work in or out of your home this will save you thinking time when you are hungry!

Are you ready to simplify your morning routine? Pick one or two of these hacks and try them out tomorrow. Keep experimenting until you find the routine that works best for you and your lifestyle. I’d love to know how you get on! 

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