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Shop Once Think Once: 50 Items to Stock Up on Today

Have you ever stopped to consider how much brain power goes into simply ensuring you have everyday items in your home? For every item that you purchase on a regular basis, you have to take note of when you are running low and remember to add it to your shopping list, ensuring that the new item is in your house before you actually run out. That may not sound like that big a deal but when you consider how many items you are mentally keeping track of then you’ll realise how quickly it adds up.

The solution? Stock up! If you have the space for even just a few of the items below, then your mental load will thank you. By purchasing enough of those regularly needed items in one go, you won’t have to think about them again for several months at the very least. All you have to do is go and open your store cupboard and take what you need. No planning, no remembering, no list making. I love this hack as it is so simple and won’t take long to set up – plus you only have to get in the habit of doing it a couple of times a year.

Read on for your shopping list of 50 items to stockpile today:

 Personal Care

1. Toilet roll

2. Shampoo

3. Conditioner

4. Shower gel

5. Toothpaste

6. Toothbrushes

7. Soap

8. Feminine hygiene products

9. Deodorant

10. Face wash


11. All-purpose cleaner

12. Toilet cleaner

13. Kitchen roll

14. Cloths

15. Sponges

16. Washing up liquid

17. Bin bags

18. Washing powder

19. Fabric conditioner

20. Dishwasher tablets


21. Oil

22. Pasta

23. Rice

24. Tinned tomatoes

25. Pasta sauces

26. Tea

27. Coffee

28. Stock cubes

29. Tinned soups

30. Flour

Other Kitchen Items

31. Tin foil

32. Cling film

33. Baking parchment

34. Ziploc bags


35. Pet food

36. Pet treats

37. Dog poo bags/cat litter

38. Hay/bedding for small animals

Medicine Cupboard

39. Paracetamol – adult

40. Paracetamol – kids

41. Hayfever tablets

42. Any other medications taken regularly


43. Nappies

44. Wipes (although I highly recommend these reuseable ones!)

45. Body/hair wash


46. Batteries

47. Light bulbs

48. Pens

49. Wrapping paper

50. Gift cards -read more in this post about birthday admin

A really quick and easy solution to put in place today and one which will save you mental space that you probably didn’t even realise it was taking up! Print this list off and take it with you when you next go to the supermarket or set aside an hour to put them in your online shopping basket today. Would you add anything to the list?

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